The creative skills of the companies in the Consortium can deliver products in many sectors in the construction and interior design field.

External cladding

Stone sector firms from Brescia supply the national and international markets with a range of high quality products which combine durability with aesthetic appeal. The process is the continuation of local tradition, but is also capable of satisfying the search for innovation in contemporary architecture.


Internal cladding and furnishing

The use of stone for internal surfaces has developed considerably over the years, together with an expansion of its possible applications. Practical matters of durability and easy maintenance make its adoption appealing for any public and private environment even in difficult conditions. Kitchens, bathrooms and many other elements of internal furnishing can be designed on an ad hoc basis to provide maximum functionality and refinement. Materials are carefully selected in order to cater for tastes and desires of the public and private sectors.


Internal and external flooring

The use of stone for flooring guarantees durability, safety and stability, and is suitable for both private and public spaces, indoors or outdoors, and for both pedestrian and vehicle transit.


Internal and external stairs

The creation of internal and external stairs is one of the areas of application where stone continues to excel on two fronts - aesthetic and functional. For these reasons, it can be said that no material manufactured industrially is capable of competing with the qualities expressed by stone.


Urban design

In the creation and development of urban design stone and marble ensure high standards of durability, safety, and aesthetics. As a natural material, stone represents the ideal element to integrate with the urban landscape.


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